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Pates and Chubs


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  1. Bierwurst

    Bierwurst Bierwurst is a German sausage made from an old world recipe consisting of beef and pork. Generally it is eaten sliced in sandwiches (cold).
  2. Karl Ehmer Baby Brand Bologna

    This "no phony bologna" is perfect for deli trays! Comes in a 1 lb. Chub
  3. Ham Bologna (Sliced)

    Karl Ehmers famous bologna with large pieces of ham throughout. Comes in 1 lb. packages
  4. Suelze

    Suelze is a delectable European specialty. 1 lb of suelze
  5. Head Cheese

    Head cheese is a traditional German favorite. 1 lb of Head Cheese. This aspic utilizes vinegar and pickled meat from the pigs head, set in gelatin and served in cold slices with Rye bread and mustard. 1 lb. of Head Cheese.
  6. Chicken Bologna Chub

    One of our best items, Karl Ehmer Brand Chicken Bologna is "no phony bologna". Our bologna has a real meat texture because we use only the best ingredients. Try it! It's what bologna should be. 12 oz. Chub
  7. Teewurst

    Teewurst Teewurst is a smoked meat spread that's great for breakfast on grain bread and served with tea or coffee.
  8. Onion Liverwurst

    Spreadable like Delicatess Liverwurst with onions bits. Perfect with sliced rye bread
  9. Mini Franks

    This is a bulk package of our DELICIOUS Mini Franks. Each package weighs approximately 5 lbs.
  10. Krakauer

    Krakauer is wonderful for ham and bologna lovers. It is a Polish style ham bologna with lean chunks of meat and a zesty garlic taste. 1 lb of Krakauer
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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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