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  1. All Beef Frankfurters

    Hearty tasting, fully cooked all beef frankfurter with a natural casing that "snaps" when you bite into it. These Hot Dogs will be come a new favorite of yours. 1 package includes 14 oz of sausage.
  2. Rice Bloodwurst

    A dinner blood sausage that originates from the region originally known as Gottschee.
  3. Seitenwurst (Long Wieners)

    This Vienna style hot dog has a great 'snap' and when it's grilled has a great crunch. 1 package includes 14 oz of sausage. (0.88 lb)
  4. Blutwurst

    A traditional farmer style sausage that utilizes pork, beefs blood, and spices to deliver an extremely flavorful sausage. Approximately 1 lb. package
  5. Weisswurst (Bockwurst)

    Munich's favorite! A distinct fine sausage with special seasonings and a unique texture. Another excellent barbecue item. Also known as Bockwurst. 1 packages includes 14 oz of sausage (0.88 lb).
  6. Bierwurst

    Bierwurst Bierwurst is a German sausage made from an old world recipe consisting of beef and pork. Generally it is eaten sliced in sandwiches (cold).
  7. Oktoberfest Package #1

    Karl Ehmer BBQ Sauce is the perfect topping to all of our bratwursts! **GIFT BASKET NOT INCLUDED**
  8. Oktoberfest Package #2

    Our Karl Ehmer BBQ Sauce is perfect with all of our delicious bratwursts!! **GIFT BASKET NOT INCLUDED**
  9. Irish Bangers

    This delicious dish is commonly found in pubs and restaurants all around Ireland.
  10. Cheddar Bratwurst

    Cheese Lovers Alert! This is a traditional pork Bratwurst stuffed with cheddar cheese in every bite! The tastes combine so perfectly, definitely perfect for any BBQ and more! Once you have had a Karl Ehmer Cheddar Bratwurst on the BBQ it's impossible to enjoy any other.1 packages includes 14oz of sausage. (0.88 lb)
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Items 1 to 10 of 37 total

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