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  1. Oebel Marzistollen

    Delicious baked cake with marzipan and almond flavors.
  2. Schlunder Traditional German Apple Pastries

    Tasty, flaky pastries with a delicious apple filling
  3. Weiss Lebkuchen Allerlei

    Weiss Lebkuchen Allerlei

    Lebkuchen, or Pfefferkuchen, is a traditional German baked Christmas treat, somewhat resembling gingerbread. (400g)
  4. Leibniz Butter Cookies

    All butter biscuits. 3.5 oz / 100 g
  5. Holiday Sweets Package

    This delicious package includes:

    -1 Box of Brandy Beans

    -1 Package of Pfeffernusse 

    -1 Package of Schlunder Traditional Apple Pastries 

    - 1 Packing Lebkuchen Marzipan Piggie

    - 1 Package Wicklein Gingerbread Cookies

    Valued at $43.00 

    ON SALE FOR $38.00 

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5 Item(s)