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Weisswurst, or bockwurst depending on the region, is a true old-world sausage and known as the king of Oktoberfest.

Bockwurst is a type of German sausage that is traditionally made with ground veal and pork (though sometimes beef is also used). It is seasoned with various herbs and spices, which may include white pepper, paprika, parsley, and chives. Bockwurst is known for its mild and slightly smoky flavor.

One distinctive characteristic of bockwurst is that it often contains milk or cream, which contributes to its creamy texture. The sausage is typically encased in natural casings and is usually cooked by simmering or poaching rather than grilling or frying.

Bockwurst is commonly associated with the spring season and is sometimes enjoyed as part of traditional spring festivals, particularly during May celebrations like Maifest. It is often served with mustard and a side of bread or a roll.

It’s important to note that variations of bockwurst exist, and ingredients may vary depending on regional preferences and individual recipes. If you’re interested in trying bockwurst, you might find variations with different meats or additional flavorings depending on the local tradition or the preferences of the sausage maker.

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