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A German sausage made with pork, bacon, oats and onions. Best served with Kale and/or potatoes.


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A German sausage made with pork, bacon, oats and onions. Best served with Kale and/or potatoes. (note: price is for approx. 1 piece of pinkelwurst) Product’s weight is approximately .90lb

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12 reviews for Pinkelwurst

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    I was raised in NY. My grandmother and I would strip kale and then make kale and pinklewurst every year for our big family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, just as her parents did when they lived in Northern Germany. I believe that was over 60 yrs ago. She only used Karl Elmer pinklewurst. I grew up, moved around, and always had hard a hard time finding pinklewurst. I had to use other brands and they were not the same. Finally, a few years ago, I discovered I could order pinklewurst on line from Karl Elmer and have it shipped to Maryland. It doesn’t get any better. Same wonderful flavor and great service. Thank you Karl Ehmet for making this now much more “mature” lady so happy!

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    My Ohma was from northern Germany and she cooked Kale and Pinkelwurst in the winter. She made her own but There is no way I can make it as they lived on a farm and every year they killed a pig and smoked everything but the squeal. Karl Ehmer’s Pinkelwurst is as close to hers as I can get. Thanks to the food Gods for Karl Ehmer’s I now spend my winter in Paradise.

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    My husband and I moved from NY to Maine nearly 30 years ago and such a product is not available here, and we’ve missed it. We ordered a dozen delivered to the north woods and enjoyed a feast of kale and pinkelwurst with extended family and friends over Christmas, many of whom had never had that meal before, and it was like taking a delicious trip down memory lane. We decided we might have to make it an annual tradition!

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    Not often that we meet someone who knows about Pinkelwurst – on the truly great celebration dinners from the old country, Kohl und Pinkelwurst. Well we just did and we’ll be ordering ours for our big dinner. Karl Ehmer’s also has the very best wursts available – particularly the Weisswurst.

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    The Hagedorn-Olsen’s

    Traditionally, we often had Pinkelwurst on special family occasions and although we all live WAY up north now, with the help of Karl Ehmer’s delicious wursts, we were able to celebrate my uncle’s 68th with this fantastic family favorite! He was so surprised and very happy! Thank you!

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    I bought pinklewurst from other vendors, and they taste terrible,
    Not the wonderful old world
    Platdeutsch taste of old!!

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    50 years ago when I became engaged to my husband I was invited for Kale and Pinkel Festival. My husbands Grandfather was from Northern Germany and once he settled down, the family celebrated the festival every January. That tradition is still carried out by the 4th generation. We all love it and look forward to it every year.

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    Being from the old country, I have always loved Pinkelwurst. As far as I am concerned Karl Ehmer is the only one to even consider.

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    kitty kat

    We only buy pinklewurst from Ehmer it is amazing and a family favorite!!

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    Our family have been buying Ehmer pinkelwurst for close to 30 years, every fall when the kale is fresh. This wurst is a special treat, served with kale cooked for hours with smoked ham hocks, and a variety of German sausages to taste. Scrumptious!!

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    I grew up eating Kale and Pinkelwurst in my Nana’s kitchen in NJ. My mother taught me how to cook it, and now almost 60 years later, I make this meal in the fall and winter for my own family and grandkids. I have tried pinkelwurst from other suppliers, and none of them compare to Ehmer’s. Thank you for keeping the tradition alive!

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    Kale and Pinkelwurst dinner around Christmas and New Years has been a tradition in my Family my entire life.
    This year we brought Pinkelwurst to Florida wit us from Ehmers in NY.
    Had our dearest friends over for dinner last night, they loved the meal ,
    I think they are hooked, we will have to
    Bring the Wurst with us ever year. Wish we had a Karl Ehmer in Florida.

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(12 customer reviews )